Testimonials & Feed Back

below we post what customers say about our character and qualifications with regards to their experience and interactions with the Business Own Corporation from email and telephone and through social media to interactions with our website and blog.

Philip Pierce. Who says, we have a positive site, and that he is pleased to have discovered it. And, he will be checking back to find out, what are the other additional posts that we include in our Blog.

– Philip Pierce –

Oliver Smith. Whose told us that, he thinks that our articles are well written and reflect reality.

– Oliver Smith –

We purchased the Corporate Document Library 3 months ago and have used it two separation occasions now. The first was a flooded basement. We used an Independent Contractor Agreement when we appointed a plumber to do work in our basement. After week of completing the job we woke up one morning and found the basement flooded, we called the plumber and he installed a sump pump that works great. It was great to find a reliable, honest plumber and thanks to the Business Own Corporation the plumber couldn’t take advantage of our dire situation. The same plumber installed our hot water tank. And they did it quick and with respect for our property – leaving no mess behind. In both cases, we received professional installation. And more importantly, both projects stayed within the estimate, and our budget. All thanks to just the one written agreement. If you’re looking for a professional documents library you can trust, and afford, I highly recommend the Corporate Document Library.

– Andrew Carey –

I have been using the Corporate Document library for 3 years and my whole experience with it has been terrific! There is nothing like being able to simply draw up a business document or contract that not only looks but works great. I own multiple businesses and I’m a land lord. I bought the library because I was paying 200 $ plus for every document I needed drafted by a lawyer. Business Own Corporation has done such a terrific job and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.

– Susan Crossman –

Since using the Corporate Document Library extensively over some years now, it has met and surpassed my expectations of what a document library could offer. It’s like having a lawyer, an accountant and a business guru all on call, and they take their time to really walk you through the nuts and bolts of your business or projects from concept to execution. Which gives me every confidence that not just my goals are well documented but also my comfort level is increased. The Business Own Corporation provides regular updates and have always been available to answer any questions or to explain which document would be suited for the particular solution. Transitioning into new deals and partnerships has been much easier thanks to Corporate Document Library’s’ guidance.

– Stephen Thorne –